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  • Healthy Second Skin: The adhesive bandage consists of three layers, PET backing paper, PU film, pressure sensitive adhesive and release paper. Safe, waterproof and breathable, will not harm your skin.


  • Enhances Healing: A tattoo aftercare necessity that helps the group lock in color and reduces crusting while cleaning the goods to moisturize your tattoo. The wound heals faster and better. The self-adhesive bandage is elastic and stretchy, allowing it to be placed anywhere on the body.


  • Widely Used: Protects against bacteria and other contaminants, and is especially suitable for long periods of time on the skin. 


  • What You Get: 1 roll, size: 5 cm x 5 m , thickness 0.025 mm, tattoo film with grid lines on the backing paper, easy to apply and cut to different sizes.


  • Quality Assurance: 100% New Brand ! Tattoo overlay film so you don't have to worry about showering or swimming. 


Second Skin Tattoo Aftercare - 5cm x 5m


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  • Second Skin Protective Film can be kept on for a variable amount of time, depending on the client’s need.

    Changing it at least once within 24 hours until the tattoo is completely healed.

    The total suggested use is between 6 and 7 days. At the end of the healing process, make sure to hydrate the skin with coconut butter based moisturiser of your preference.

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